Gareth Emery – Electric for Life 2016 (Mixed by Gareth Emery) – [iTunes Plus AAC M4A] (2016)

1. Slow Burn (feat. Mister Blonde)
2. Hands (feat. London Thor) [Diviners Remix]
3. What I Want
4. Saltwater (feat. Moya Brennan) [Jody Wisternoff Remix]
5. Progressia
6. Offshore (Grum Remix)
7. Here.Now
8. Not Like Everyone (feat. Jess Morgan) [Aurosonic Remix]
9. High on Life
10. Sun Goes Down
11. Getaway (feat. Angel Taylor) [Gareth Emery & Ashley Wallbridge Remix]
12. Sansa
13. Make It Happen (feat. Lawson) [David Gravell Remix]
14. Amnesia
15. We Were Young (feat. Alex & Sierra) [Alex Sonata Remix]
16. Where We Began (MaHi Remix)
17. Before the Story
18. Save Me (feat. Christina Novelli) [MorpheuZ Remix]
19. Sanctuary (feat. Lucy Saunders) [William Black Remix]
20. Electric for Life 2016 (Continuous Mix, Pt. 1)
1. Melody (feat. Karra)
2. Another Day (feat. Sarah Russell) [Luke Bond Remix]
3. See What I See (feat. Katrine Stenbekk)
4. Caesarea (feat. Sivan)
5. Voice Inside (feat. Diana Leah)
6. Nino
7. Meridian
8. Live Forever (feat. Aruna) [Gareth Emery Remix]
9. Day Before Tomorrow (Monoverse Remix)
10. Reckless (feat. Wayward Daughter) [Standerwick Remix]
11. Nowhere to Be Found (feat. Roxanne Emery) [Craig Connelly Remix]
12. All That Matters
13. All or Nothing (feat. Christina Novelli) [Allen Watts Remix]
14. We Were Young (feat. Alex & Sierra) [Mhammed El Alami Remix]
15. By My Side
16. You’ll Find Me There (feat. Amy Kirkpatrick) [The Cracken Remix]
17. Save Me (feat. Christina Novelli) [John O’Callaghan Remix]
18. Last Forever
19. Electric for Life 2016 (Continuous Mix, Pt. 2)
Link: LoversOf
Pass: yoshi

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