R.I.O. – Turn This Club Around (Deluxe Edition) [iTunes Plus] (2012) #Jasberd

Genres: Dance, Musik, Rock, Electronic
Erschienen: 24.08.2012


1. Summer Jam (feat. U-Jean)
2. Party Shaker (Video Edit) [feat. Nicco]
3. Turn This Club Around (Video Edit) [feat. U-Jean]
4. Like I Love You (Video Edit)
5. Animal (Video Edit) [feat. U-Jean]
6. Miss Sunshine (Radio Edit)
7. Shine On (Radio Mix)
8. When the Sun Comes Down (Radio Mix)
9. Hot Girl (Radio Edit)
10. Serenade (Radio Edit)
11. Watching You (Radio Edit) [feat. Liz Kay]
12. After the Love (Radio Edit)
13. De Janeiro (Radio Mix)
14. Can You Feel It (Radio Edit)
15. Something About You (Radio Edit) [feat. Liz Kay]
16. One Heart (Radio Edit)
17. Lay Down (Radio Edit)
18. Open Up Your Heart (Radio Edit)
19. Summer Jam (Crew Cardinal Radio Edit) [feat. U-Jean]
20. Party Shaker (Whirlmond Radio Edit) [feat. Nicco]
21. Party Shaker (Selecta Radio Edit) [feat. Nicco]
22. R.I.O. Megamix

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Store: (Austria)

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